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The leap of safe, efficient and quality products


Design and Production

Design and production of metal molds, water sources, flyovers and metal hangars according to engineering principles and completely safe and efficient by an experienced and specialized team

Expert team

Barzin Ghaleb Industrial Manufacturing Company with the benefit of experienced engineers and specialists in the fields of design, welding and production is maker of your requirements.

Installing and Running

Barzin’s expert team is ready to provide installation and execution services for various types of metal molds, flyovers, water sources and metal sheds throughout world.

Project support

Barzin Ghaleb company guarantee the stability, strength and quality of all its production structures with warranty and after-sales service and will always stand by you.

about Barzin Ghaleb

Barzin Ghaleb Industrial Production Company has started its activity in the field of production of concrete concrete molds and roof jacks on a 12,000 square meter land located in Mirjaveh Road Industrial Zone since 2004 and at the same time has entered a new round of activity every year by training local forces. It has become his field of work that all these activities promise a vibrant, motivated and dynamic set in the coming years. Now, after two decades of continuous activity as one of the largest and most specialized manufacturers in the field of manufacturing various types of metal molds , Ceiling jacks, overhead and gate cranes, cement silos and air and ground tanks, giant billiards – hangars and nut bolts are known in the south and southeast of the Iran. Our goal in Barzin Ghaleb Industrial Group is to be the best in our work. We hope to take a small step towards the development of our country industry.

20+Years of experience
100+Executive project
35Human resources

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